Pest.ly offers residential and commercial pest management in Mesa, AZ. We have made it our mission to combine the most efficient pest control with professional and friendly service. You can trust our team of experienced exterminators to be there when you need us with leading solutions. 

When you need pest control in Mesa, we set ourselves apart from the competition with services that are:

  • Local – Turning to a local business for pest control has many advantages. We have experience with the specific pests that are most prevalent in Mesa and personal knowledge of the best ways to eliminate them. We are also able to provide affordable and client-centered services.
  • Personalized – Pest specialists with our family-owned business take the time to address each of your concerns. We work to understand the needs of your property, whether it is a private home, multifamily living, or commercial building, and use that information to guide our pest management plan.
  • Experienced – We’ve been providing pest control to clients in Mesa for many years. We rely on our knowledge, combined with continuous training on the most up to date pest control methods
  • Effective – In the end, the best pest control ensures that all pests are gone. Pest.ly guarantees that we can exterminate the insects, spiders, and nuisance wildlife that put your property at risk.

Our pest control includes both one time responses to an unexpected infestation and ongoing preventative care and monitoring to keep pests away for good. We are fully licensed to provide pest, termite, and wildlife control services in Arizona. No matter your pest control concerns, we have advanced solutions designed to give you long lasting results.

We know the pest challenges that affect homes and businesses in Mesa. If you have spotted pests or are interested in protecting your property from future infestations, give us a call at 480-400-0699 or send us an email through the contact form.